Parent Playground Volunteers

Parent & Family volunteers assist at Lowell Elementary School in a variety of ways. Many of you already offer your help by tutoring, mentoring, facilitating enrichment projects, etc. We are excited to include you in a volunteer opportunity on the Lowell playground. 
Parental support and input is an integral part of the educational process. We welcome and encourage your participation. Parents, guardians, and family members are welcome and encouraged to visit classrooms. When visiting, please enter the main hall and obtain a visitor pass in the office. All visitors must wear an identification badge.  

The following steps must be taken before you can become a Lowell Playground Volunteer:

1. Volunteer Application
Please complete a volunteer application form and submit it to the school where you are seeking volunteer opportunities. Applications can also be found just inside the main entrance of the school.


Volunteer Applicants must review the following Boise School District Policies:
Sexual Harassment Policy No. 3232
Visitor Identification Policy No. 3311
Boise Schools Volunteers Service Programs Policy No. 4220
Employee or Public Smoking Policy No. 5232
Drug Free Workplace Policy No. 5231

2. Turn completed volunteer application into the front office.

3. You will be contacted with instructions on how to sign up for specific recesses through the Lowell Playground Volunteer Calendar at We will also discuss the role of playground volunteers and happily answer any questions you may have.

4. You are ready to volunteer on the playground!

5. Please remember that All volunteers must sign in at the front office, even if you come into the building on a regular basis.
Volunteers must wear a visitor badge (provided at the office), so staff will know you have checked in. Please use the front doors when entering the building.