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at is the PTSA?

The Lowell Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is an active link between students, teachers and parents. We are a voice and a resource for parents, an advocate for children and support for our school staff.

PTSA Objectives:

Lowell PTSA’s main objectives are to improve the educational environment for our children, to increase student success through the programs we support, and to involve parents actively in our school. (Research shows parent involvement makes a big difference in children’s school success!)

Some of the ways we seek to meet these objectives are by sponsoring the following activities:

  • Music Park
  • Box Tops For Education
  • Carnival
  • Fall Dinner
  • Kid Appreciation Day (Field Day)
  • LowellPride
  • Legislative Updates
  • School T-Shirts
  • Yearbook
  • Staff Appreciation

To volunteer for any of these activities please  for our volunteer form.

Second Thursday of the month in Lowell's Library at 4:00 p.m.

PTSA membership is $10.00. Your dues help support our local group and our state and national organization, creating a strong voice for our children. 

For a copy of the membership form, please click the hotlink below:
Membership Form
Fill out the form and turn it and the membership dues into the office.

If have any questions please call 854-5480.

Get involved ~ Let your voice be heard ~ Join PTSA!

Executive Board :

President - Amber Bennett:
Vice President - Marcie
Secretary - Sheri Fernandez:
Treasurer - Naomi Aitken: and
Co-Treasurer  - Sarah Miller:
Principal - Dr.Adria David:
Teacher Representative - Carol Colwell:
Volunteer Coordinator - Amber Bennett:
Membership Chair - Sheri Fernandez:
Fundraising Coordinator - Amber Bennett:
Garden Coordinator -

For more information visit:
Idaho PTA | National PTA Website